Nenagh Community Training Centre-Item01-Our Journey

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Nenagh Community Training Centre-Item01-Our Journey


Nenagh Community Training Centre-Item01-Our Journey


Nenagh Community Training Centre-Item01-Our Journey-‘OUR JOURNEY’ WITH THE ILEN Boat PROJECT


This summer saw an epic ocean voyage from Limerick city to the city of Nuuk, the capital of Greenland with woodcraft created by a group of Learners at Nenagh Community Training Centre (CTC) crossing the Arctic Circle.
Salmon’s Wake is the title of the Ilen Project’s 2019 Community and Schools Educational Programme. Designed by a Limerick man, Conor O’Brien, and built in 1926, the Ilen claims to be the last timber-built ocean-going ship in Ireland. After its construction at Baltimore in Cork the ship was sent to the Falkland Island where it remained in service for seventy years. Today the Ilen is not only a fully functioning sea-going vessel but also serves as the central learning tool in a schools programme where young people from educational settings in Limerick and Nenagh learned new skills in aspects of boat-building and voyage preparation.
Under the supervision of the expert boat builders of the Ilen Project, and their woodwork (John McKeogh) and Art (Annie Holland) instructor at our John’s Lane facility, since March of this year, the Learners of Nenagh CTC were assigned the task of making the oars, poles and paddles, as well as restoring the ‘cot’, a smaller boat that sits on the main vessel.
Nenagh CTC Manager, Rose Shanahan described the centre’s involvement with the Ilen Boat Project as an ‘extraordinary opportunity’ on many levels. Not only have the Learners been exposed to the unique craft of boatbuilding and oar-making but the international element has brought an added dimension. ‘The fact that a piece of woodcraft, partly fashioned right here in John’s Lane in Nenagh, will soon make its way across the ocean to Greenland is a source of considerable pride’, noted Rose. ‘It has made our Learners, and indeed our whole staff, think about the destination. It has encouraged us all to think and learn about Greenland as a country, and specifically about the community of Nuuk who will soon take possession of our creation’.
‘Our Journey’ through photography and Visual media will be on display for Culture week Friday 20th September 6-8 pm where you can meet participating Learners, team members, Boat builders and some of the Ilen Crew.


Nenagh CTC Learners and Tutor John McKeogh and Annie Holland


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